About Us


60 Second TV is an interactive website where people are encouraged to upload videos with a running time of 60 seconds or less and to watch and comment on other peoples videos.  What makes us different from Jackass or roof diving red necks on fire is that people with skills can repeat what they do safely because it is learned and controlled rather than tequila and Vicodin induced.  That is not to say that we wouldn't want to see some of you people with skills pushing the envelope while abusing alcohol and pain killers.  Which brings us to the legal part terms of use.  Basically if you do try this stuff at home and you get hurt don't try to sue us just because you are a F#@king Dumbass.


Become a member


Once you register as a member you will be able to fill out a user profile to present yourself to other members and you can upload your own videos as well as commenting on other videos that you watch on the site.  You will also have opportunities to enter contests on the site, vote on other videos and you may even qualify for you own contributor page on the site based on the quality and quantity of the videos that you upload to the site.




We reserve the right to select which videos will appear on the site, we are under no obligation to include your videos on the site and not all videos submitted will go up on the site.  We are looking for unique and entertaining videos with good production value.  To be considered for inclusion on the site all videos must be 60 seconds or less in length and the member submitting the video must own all rights to the video or have written permission from the legal owner of the video to submit it to 60 Second TV, this includes music rights.  Performers we do not want your promotional video, we are looking for that cool trick that you thought up and managed to capture on video even though it's too hard to perform regularly in your show or that hilarious outtake when something went horribly wrong.  So blow our minds and share something amazing, we can't wait to see it!




Once a member has submitted a video to 60 Second TV it will have to be approved and if it qualifies to  be included on the site it will appear in one of our categories:


Crazy Sh#t


I think you can see what this category is all about, Crazy 60 second clips!  But again performers we don't want your demo video, we want to see you pushing the envelope and doing something you don't normally do.  Of course you do not have to be a performer to submit a video -if it's cool, you own the video rights and it's 60 seconds or less we want to see it!


Funny Sh#t


Anything funny, 60 seconds or less that you own the rights to.  Keep in mind we are a family friendly site and may sensor your video if it contains inappropriate material.


Sh#t 4 Kids


If it's cute and cuddly and 60 seconds or less this is the place for it.


60 Seconds with...


This section is reserved for 60 second videos of people who really have something to say to the world.  Ideally a lesson that you were in a unique position to learn that you'd like to pass on to others.




Of course we can now view almost any place in the world on the through Google Earth and other apps, but we want you to put your own unique spin on your place and show us why it's cool.  It could be your home town or your favorite place to ski or surf.  Wherever it is you've got 60 seconds to show us why you like it.


Featured Contributor


As the site grows and members upload more and more videos we will be choosing featured contributors.  In addition to having their videos in the various sections of the website featured contributors will also have their own page on the site for a limited amount of time.  This page will include the selected member's best videos, their picture and bio and can also include a link to their own website or Youtube channel.