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Balls Around the World is not a contest, it is not a promotion, it will not require that you sign up for anything or buy anything. Balls Around the World is an experiment and I would like to invite every variety performer out there to join in, however you do not have to be a variety performer to submit a video.


Some of the artists who created film making like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and WC Fields were great variety performers. George Melies, Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock were all magicians of varying caliber. I think variety performers have something incredible and unique to offer in the world of new media. I also realize that many variety performers are extremely independent and rightfully cautious about letting others use their unique original material that has taken much sweat and blood to create. Therefor I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not plan to own this project, think of it as an "open source" video where anyone who wants can ad to it and embed it where they please, therefor feel free to brand your individual video anyway you wish (a graphic with your name or YouTube channel name is fine but please don't make the graphic too big and annoying).


You can share videos here on 60SecondTV by becoming member and sharing through our upload page or on Facebook or on YouTube and I will start by making playlists of the videos so we can all see what creativity is out there and then I will start to edit together videos so that they have more seamless transitions than a playlist provides. Eventually I would like to set up an automated video website that automatically edits in new videos as they are uploaded so it has a life of it's own and becomes the new form of film making that shall be the crowd sourced documentary. I would love to have people from all around the world get involved so please spread the word and I can't wait to see your amazing videos.



Mad Chad Taylor